Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Good morning friends.  I'm back with something a little different today.  My mom has collected owls ever since I can remember, and my brother and I (and his 2 daughters now) are always on the lookout for something different and unique each year in the owl family to give her at Christmas.  Because my budget has been has been very limited this year, I decided to try and make a couple owl ornaments for her tree.  Take a look:


I found a pattern online by Jessica Levit (www.juicy-bits.typepad.com), and as you can see, I didn't stop at just a couple!  Are these cute or what?!!!  I got rather hooked and I think I have 15 of them made so far.  They are only about 4" tall, so very small to sew on, but I absolutely love making them.  I decided they are going to be package tie-on's for a lot of my gifts this year, since I don't think my mom wants 15 (or more?) of them.  I made a really cute box out of some owl dp card stock to nestle the 2 in that I give my mom, and I think it will make a great (and inexpensive!) gift.

Well that's all for today friends, but I'll be back again tomorrow....I still have lots more inspiration to share with you! :0)  Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. So(sew)cute, Marcia! Would like to see the box too, for another post.

    1. I bet you could do the same thing with paper or card stock. Put a little stuffing in them and glue front and back together. Or leave them flat. So cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing these, Marcia. I found this same pattern on Pinterest a few weeks ago and started making one for my niece (she loves owls too!) I like the little hearts you used in place of the rick rack trims. I'm also making a few other styles of felt birds, but these owls are my favourites. Might have to make some for myself!!


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