Thursday, May 30, 2013

FFC#09 - Color Challenge

Good morning friends.  It's graduation day for our youngest and I'm going to share a Christmas card?  Some things in life just don't make sense do they?!  But yes, I'm going to share my card for the latest Festive Friday challenge, which is a color challenge.

Because I am such a traditional girl at heart, I thought this challenge would be easy for me, but I struggled.  If I'm honest though, it wasn't the colors that I struggled with so much as the idea I had in my head.  I'm sure all you stampers out there know exactly what I'm talking about, where you have what seems like a great idea, but it just doesn't come together like what you were thinking in your head!  This is one of those cards.  There are parts of it I really like and other parts that just don't seem to line up in my mind...maybe I'm being too critical???  Take a look:

The idea started with using Flourishes "Santa I Believe" stamp and using only half of his face...this is the part of the card I really like.  I do like the right side of the card with the negative die cut of the holly leaves (Cheery Lyn die), but I guess I'm struggling with whether I like it with the half Santa face.  My daughter loves it and thinks it's one of my best cards yet, so maybe I'm just being too critical.  Anyway, it is what it is, and again, there are parts I really do like, including the glittery gold "merry" and star (PTI dies).  Lots of other great Christmas inspiration over at the Festive Friday blog, so make sure you check it out!

Busy, busy day with family coming for the ceremony and dinner tonight, so I better get motating!  Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing part of your day with me! :0)


  1. Congratulations to Calla! You must be so proud and a bit something else, too. It's difficult when the youngest graduates from anything!

  2. Forgot to mention this card is beautiful - hope you win!!!

  3. Oh, I think it's a BEAUTIFUL design, Marcia! I think using just half the face was a great idea, as well as the negative die cut. And the pretty 'merry' at the bottom balances everything perfectly! Beautiful use of these traditional colors, too! Thanks so much for joining us again!

  4. How fun is this - I love the half and half idea with the sparkly merry connecting the two. Thanks for playing along!

  5. I really love the idea! And I think it turned out great - adding the crackle to the right side really keeps it cohesive, I think. And the sparkly Merry is gorgeous! Glad to see you again Marcia!!


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