Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy 60th!

Good morning friends.  Just a quick post today as we have to finish packing the car for the big trip to take our "baby" off to college...sigh!!!  It's also another "big" day in our house as my hubby turned 60 today.  His sister sent a card that said it so perfectly: "A child of the sixties turns 60!"  To my husband, the sixties means music, and that is so totally what he loves!  And no greater "Beatles" fan exists than my hubby, so I created his birthday card and a nugget cake with the "Beatles" theme.  Take a look:

I loved the idea I saw on Pinterest of using circles to make record albums (that was what we listened to in our day!), so that was my starting point for this card.  The background music I found on a site that let me have a "sample" of the first page of sheet music for the Beatles song "Let it Be".  The sentiment came from different PTI stamp sets, and the "60" I cut out on my cricut.  Very simple and he loved it! :0)

Next up his nugget cake:

I took a close up of the nuggets so you could see that I printed a bunch of the different Beatle song titles (from their "Number 1" album) onto address labels, and then stamped a music note in red, green, yellow, & blue on each of them before wrapping them around each of the nuggets (Hershey's Special Dark with roasted almonds of course!).  I used 3 different size styrofoam bases from the dollar store for each of the bases, and then just simply hot glued each nugget on.  Added a "60" (used toothpicks glued on and pushed into the top) and a bunch of curling ribbon to finish off the top and voila!  Done.  Hubby was pretty tickled that I'd made it and I really like how it turned out too! :0)

Well, I guess it's time to get back to the packing.  Can't believe in just a few short hours we'll be "empty nesters"!  Where did the years go???????  Our older dog Brinkley sleeps with Calla, so it's going to be an adjustment for him too!  We'll get through it...just going to be different!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by...I love it when you do!

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