Sunday, August 21, 2016

Miles in Winter

Hello friends.  Been a while since I made a Christmas card and I have to tell you that I've missed it!  NOT the actual snow or anything, just the making of Christmas cards! 

So many of you have heard me mention before that I have a love/hate relationship with Zig markers.  Most people absolutely LOVE them!  I want to love them, but...I just really struggle with them.  I would so much rather play with my Copics!  But anyway, decided it was time to get them out again and practice.  This first picture shows my image colored in mostly all Zigs:

I used an image by Stampingbella called Miles in WINTER.  I like the way bits and pieces of this turned out, but there are areas I really do not the squirrel on his hat and his coat.  So I tried again, and this time used Copics and Zigs and actually finished it off into a card. 

I did the squirrel, coat, and his face with Copics this time, and then the rest is colored with Zigs.  Oh and the little branch he is carrying is colored with a Copic marker.  I guess I'm learning, but still feel like I have miles (no pun intended!) to go! 

I am adding this card to the Summer link up over at MERRY MONDAY's .  Couple more weeks to play along with the Summer link up (Merry Monday goes back to it's weekly challenges starting Monday, Sept. 5), so if you miss making Christmas cards like I did this Summer, you can still play in this challenge!!  :0)

Thanks so much for stopping by today...I love it when you do!


  1. Gorgeous coloring with either marker, Marcia! I'm like you - have a bunch of Zigs sitting in the corner while I color away with Copics...

  2. I think you did a great job with your Ziggs, but I am with you and struggle with them. Both cards are colored beautifully.

  3. Marcia, I hear you friend...gosh if I don't keep up on even copics, I lose touch and practically have to go back to copics 101...Ziggys are the same for me,..sometimes great, other times not so much! And you know what? I have mix and matched with those two also! Your little image is very cute, great job using both mediums!!

  4. I think both versions are wonderful Marcia. It's such a cute image!! I love the brightness from zigs ... there is nothing that seems that true to colour. And honestly, I love the "CAS" design of your first panel. I know it's not a card, but you could add it to a card base just as it is and it would be awesome. xx

  5. Using both Zigs and Copics is a wonderful idea, Marcia! You know I love mixed media!

  6. Both images are colored beautifully! I think it is genius to use BOTH your Copics and your Zigs!! that way you get some practice with what you are unfamiliar with as well as your old fav!

    I'm with Loll you should add your first image to a card base!! anyone would love to receive that sweet piece of art!


  7. I'm playing catch up here as I seem to have missed a lot of your posts recently. (Don't know how these slipped by me) ;0) This image is truly adorable and your coloring is fabulous! What a clever idea to use both your zigs and copics. I think you're doing great with your zigs but I know what you're saying. I have the same relationship with mine. This is too adorable!

  8. Miles is just too cute. I love your coloring, even if you don't think your Zigs worked that well. So very pretty!


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