Monday, August 25, 2014

SAF - 2014 Regency Era with Melissa Phillips #2

After making my first card for the Regency Era, I went back and looked at all the other entries and decided I wanted to do another one with stitching and the gold embossed and antiqued look on here is take #2:


 I used the "Limitless Layers: Hearts" die to emboss with gold and then antique.  I love the look, but boy is it messy!  And I felt like the antique part never really dried, so every time I touched it and then touched something else, I had dark stain where I didn't want it to be!  Oh well, it's still really pretty!  I stitched around the heart and on the leaves (Lovely Layers) with white and a pale aqua embroidery floss.  It's kind of a busy card with all the little odds and ends I added, but it does make me think of that time period! :0) 

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  1. Busy IS beautiful in my world, Marcia. I am so CASING this one! Serious beauty with the gold heart and stitched leaves. Did you make the flower? Honestly, LOVE every detail!


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