Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Twofer Challenge #4 - PETS

Hello friends.  This month Darnell has a FUN challenge for us at the Twofer Challenge where the key word is PETS!

I wish I had a fun and exciting and exotic pet that I could dazzle you all with this month, but alas, we are just a plain old DOG loving family!  We've had our share of hamsters (in fact, Peanut looked a lot like Hammy...maybe they're like 537,000,000,000,000,000th cousins??), turtles, birds (we had two Cockatiels...Lulu was our first and I killed him.  We didn't know she was a he until after we'd named him.  But anyway, I cleaned my oven and asphyxiated him...I mean, who knew?!!  I felt awful and cried for days!!  Then came Pearl and Pearl didn't like anyone but my husband...she was a MEAN bird but I still cried when she got sick and the specialized vet all the way over in Timbuktu said she needed to be put down!), and then finally came the dogs.  Brinkley was our first and he's 13 years old now and still the love of our lives.  Then came Daisy who is really our middle daughters dog, but when she moved out, she didn't want her anymore, so guess who ended up with her?!  Brinkley is a Cockapoo and Daisy is part goat/part cat.  Actually the vet says part Brittany Spaniel and part something...who knows?!

So anyway, on to the cards!

I used the little (Beagle??) pup from MFT's Lucky Dog for both of my cards.

I wasn't specifically trying to make a black & white card here...more trying to convey a "DIRT-y" card!  It is still the season of snow and mud here in Michigan, so Daisy who is almost all white, usually comes in looking quite gray, hence the coloring for this card!  I started with MFT's Cloud stencil and used Smoky Slate ink to create most of my background.  Next I added a PTI fence die cut that I embossed with a hardwood ef, and then stamped some grass from PTI's Daydreamer stamp set on both sides and then a small dotted SU! stamp in the center to look like dirt that had been dug up.  I also added some dirt to the center pup that looks like she's trying to dig her way from under the fence!  The sentiment is also from PTI's Lucky Dog.

My 2nd card uses the same pup, but I colored him in with my Copics and had him leaning out of the window where he is throwing his bones down.  Thought this would make a cute "Thinking of You" card!

And because you stuck with me this long, you at least deserve to see a picture of the 2 trouble makers that live with us!

They're patiently (well ok, maybe not patiently) waiting for me to open the slider and give them a treat for being such good dogs...which neither of them really are but we still say they are and spoil them terribly!  Yes, they are both LOVED very much!!  :0)

This challenge is open till the 24th, so check out the FABULOUS cards from the DT and all the great cards already in the gallery, and then play along.  You can check it all out right HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today ... I love it when you do!


  1. Oh, man, Marcia, you stole my heart with the photo of your furball kids and clean wiped anything else out of my mind so now I have to scroll back up to see your awesome cards again ...! They really do like trouble-makers, but the kind you can't help but love to bits. Thank you for sharing! I love both your designs and love that they're black and white! (The sky really pops on the TOY card!) The birthday card with the embossed fence is a terrific little happy scene and then, c'mon, what a lucky dog to be piling up such a nice stash of bones for the lean times, lol! Such a fun, fun design!! Thank you so much for playing in Twofer Card Challenge #4! Hugs, Darnell

    ps. I just have to tell you real quick that we had a cockatiel, too, for a while. We inherited him from a neighbor in the next apartment when she moved. His name was Willy and he was SO mean! Just like yours, he would only be nice to the Mister and he literally snarled at me. Then one day he bit me hard and that was it ... off to another home for him!! (I could feel your pain about Lulu; so sorry that happened. xxoo)

  2. LOL! Marcia, I love your sweet pets! And I can see they really spice up your life! Love your paper furballs too! Especially love the one that goes under the fence and drops bones to his friends!

  3. Awww this was a super fun post to read Marcia. You had me giggling continually as I read. I love your adorable pets IRL and in card form! Well done friend.

  4. two cute cards and two darn cute dogs :)

  5. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! Love those little fellas lined up along the fence. But the little guy peeking out of the circle wins my heart!

  6. Such fun cards Marcia. And so was your story about your furbabies! Great designs for both and sure to bring a smile. Brinkley and Daisy are both so adorable!! Although they do look like they're up to something, or maybe in the planning stages. :) Thanks for playing along with us at Twofer Card Challenge! xx

  7. What a delightful post! You had me laughing as I read your stories about your pets. I can just imagine that we are sitting across from each other as you tell them. I do miss you my friend! Oh! And your cards are darling too! The little pup tossing his bones out the window is just as cute as can be. Love them both!!

  8. Such a wonderful post, Marcia! Loved hearing all about your critters. Many years ago, our oldest son got a Guinea pig. While he was away at Kindergarten, our then 3-year old gave the poor critter some water... He was being helpful, but rather than filling the bottle, he dumped about an inch of water into the enclosure. We're pretty sure it was pneumonia...and like you, we've had a series of birds, dogs, and cats. They sure make life fun. And speaking of fun, I got a kick out of your Springtime mud/snow card! You've portrayed the season perfectly in black and white. Love the detail you've added to this fun card. And the second card is adorable! How clever to have him tossing his bones! Two really sweet cards. Thank you so much for joining us at the Twofer Challenge! Bev

  9. I really enjoyed reading your post, Marcia! I could actually hear your voice in my head as I read it. My Mom once killed our pet bird by turning on the window unit air conditioner. I guess the bird was too close and it froze to death. Who knew! Anyway, such fantastic designs, Marcia! That little guy digging through the fence to wish a happy birthday is genius! I love all the textures and dirt details. That dog dropping his bones reminds me of a toddler dropping things off his high chair to get a reaction! So darling! Thanks for sharing your two rascals, they look very well loved. Thanks, also, for joining in the fun with us at the Twofer Card Challenge!

  10. I really enjoyed your story about your pets and the picture of adorable fur babies, Marcia! I'm still suffering from a pet loss syndrome from 20 years ago. (It's not even a live pet, an electronic pet!)
    Your cards are so adorable! Love the monochromatic tone in the first card. The bright red heart shines. The puppy leaning out of the window, throwing a bone in the second one is just sooo cute! Hideko xx

  11. Oh your dogs are beautiful!! I so miss having one around. Your cards are terrific! Love them both!

  12. What great cards! Love your pet tales,(pun intended. Oh, and your real furry friend are adorable.


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