Thursday, June 13, 2019

Twofer Challenge #17 - BEE'S

Hello friends.  Darnell and her team have chosen BEE'S for the prompt in this month's Twofer Challenge.

Had to really hunt for some BEE stamps...almost thought I was going to have to go shopping!!  Found a teeny tiny BEE image from a PTI stamp set, but Kara had already used it, so I kept hunting and actually found a pretty cool one from an older SU! set called Nature's Walk and came up with these two cards:

Using the same BEE stamp I came up with a Christmas card and an encouragement card...let's take a closer look, shall we?

Want to know why I really LOVE this one??  It's because I used the Gina K Wreath Builder Template and made a BEE wreath...I mean how cool is that?!  I guess mostly I'm just tickled that it came out in a perfect wreath shape, because to be honest, I'm a bit afraid of BEE'S and they're not my favorite!!  But they do make a kinda cool card, so I'm happy with the way this card turned out.  After stamping them in my wreath shape, I used a Copic Y15 and some WOS to the BEE'S and then layered with some yellow and black cs and adhered to a white card base.  I computer generated my sentiment and then stamped the same BEE in a light gray ink and die cut with some SU! circle framelits.  A couple yellow enamel dots and some black baker's twine finished off my BEE wreath card.

This 2nd card is one of those that just popped into my head and wouldn't leave, so I know a BEE Christmas card is a little unconventional, but hey, what better place to show it than at the Twofer Challenge?!  I die cut my white card base with a PTI To The Point Edgers Die and also a piece of black cs cut using a coordinating die.  The plaid is a scrap and I'm afraid I can't remember the manufacturer.  I die cut the word JOYFUL from Memory Box's Classic Uppercase Alphabet dies in white and then glued them to the card base.  I used the same BEE stamp right above the JOYFUL and then added a Clear Star Jelly Roll pen over the body and wings of the BEE.

A pretty simple card, but I actually like the way it turned out!  You can check out all the amazing BEE cards from Darnell and the DT right HERE and then play along.  This challenge is open till the 24th.

Side Note:  I had mentioned in a earlier post this week that my family has been going through some health issues, and that my hubby was going in for a scope of a cyst on his pancreas.  We are taking it as good news that the Dr. doesn't think the cyst looks or feels like a cancerous cyst, but he does want to do a follow up MRI in 6 months to make sure the cyst hasn't grown.  My hubby has had cancer before, so of course the brain always wants to go to the worst places first, and then add to that that our eldest daughter has been having health issues (diagnosed just last week finally as having gastroparesis) and I've had a few of my own too (nothing serious!), so it felt like everything coming down on top of us!  Our faith was tested, but He always triumphs, so it's all good.  Thank you so much for all of you that prayed...we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!!    

And to definitely leave you with a smile, here's our 4 year old granddaughter Addy with her new friend she found in their yard:

She thinks her mom's being mean though cause she won't let "Toady" come live in the house with them!  Bahahaha!!  :0)

Thanks for stopping by today ... I love it when you do!


  1. First, what wonderful news about your hubby! I'll keep praying that it isn't cancer. It is better safe than sorry!

    Your bee cards are delightful! That's one of my favorite bees but I went with a different one that I hadn't used before. (I hope to publish tomorrow!) What a brilliant idea to do a bee wreath and the sentiment is perfect! I love how you've used a bee for a Christmas card! What a great idea!

    Aren't you glad Addy didn't want Toadie to live with you?

  2. cute cards Marcia - love the little bee wreath you made - very clever. i have a picture of my granddaughter when she was about 2 with holding a frog and it just like yours - prayers that the health issues get better.

  3. i sure messed up my grammar in my above comment - yikes!!

  4. Oh my goodness Marcia, you have been through some trying times. Stay strong, God will see all of you through this. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers and I'm sending you a BIG hug. Now about your bee-utiful cards ~ LOVE!!

  5. I hope you have a card-making friend Down Under - they'd have bees at Christmas, I think?! Marcia, you have created two darling BEE U tiful cards! and one TOADily darling child!
    hugs all around, my friend...

  6. Marcia, I love the big bumblebees. This is lovely! Thank you so much for linking my blog on your homepage.

  7. That bee wreath is brilliant, Marcia! I'll have to check our GK's wreath builder next time I'm at her store in MKE. You've used those SU stamps perfectly, and I love those little pops of yellow! A bee on a Christmas card. Well why the heck not?!! I love this idea!! He's perfect sitting about that very cool sentiment; "Bee Joyful..." Brilliant idea. So glad to see you in the gallery my friend, and I'm going to be sending you some warmer weather across the Lake, too! Thanks for joining us at the Twofer Challenge! xoxo Bev

  8. I am so happy that things are looking better for you and your family... I will continue to keep you in my thoughts with fingers crossed!
    Your cards are beautiful!! So elegant and so pretty!

  9. Two bee-utiful cards Marcia! I love the "bee" joyful card. I never would have thought to do that, and the fact that it's a Christmas card is the bees knees! I knew right away that you used the wreath builder for the bee wreath card, which is stunning by the way.... I'm so glad to hear a good update here on your blog. I must have missed your post where you mentioned your health struggles, so I'll go back now and do some catching up. Thanks for sharing that darling picture of Addy holding little toady. hehehe! Reminds me of Amanda when she was little. So cute!! Sending you big hugs my friend!

  10. Two beautiful cards, Marcia - your use of the bee stamp is amazing on both!! Awww - what a sweet grand with her bitty friend too!!

  11. Oh, my gosh, Marcia, Addy stole the show on this post! She's a doll and I'm someone who LOVES frogs, toads, lizards (tiny), etc., so my heart really goes out to her in her disappointment. Again, wish we lived closer cuz I would have kept Toady for her and she could have visited him whenever she wanted. On a serious note, I'm glad to hear that hubby's cyst looks to be benign and I will continue to pray that that doesn't change, as well as for you and your daughter. It does sometimes feel like the valleys of life are very long before we climb back up to better days.

    Hold on a sec while I scroll back up to look again at your awesome Twofer cards. Oh, yes, what a cool bee that is! It looks so elegant on your pretty plaid Christmas card. Because of your lovely envelope design, it looks like one of those wax family insignia! Now, as for your second design, even with my arsenal of adjectives, I can't think of appropriate words to describe how uber clever you are making a bee wreath. It's especially spectacular if you are able to focus on the wreath and not the bees, if you know what I mean. You've every right to be chuffed with this design! Thank you so much for playing in Twofer Card Challenge #17, especially since you're a bit afraid of bees!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. Mean mom! Why wont Caitlin let her keep her new friend inside? What fun she could have! Love your cards.

  13. Wonderful 'BEE' cards, so creative and so well executed x. Very clever and unique, both of them x.
    Thank you for the positive up-date on the health issues within the family. I am sending hugs and positive thoughts x
    Love cute little Addy and her adorable Toady x

  14. I'm so pleased that He and all the prayers are helping you to triumph, Marcia. Sounds as though the news is good so far for your hubby ... I hope your daughter's condition can be treated quickly and without hassle ... and that whatever it is you're dealing with is passing. Prayers to you all, my friend. Your bees are fantastic ... love that you used the wreath builder for that elegant bee wreath ... it's so striking! Bees celebrating Christmas ... why not ... love the plaid with the white panel and that single bee ... so stylish ... and joyful indeed! We have plenty of toads like Addy found (she's adorable btw!) ... so can appreciate her delight at finding this fabulous specimen ... we let them roam free around the courtyard rather than having them in the house ... they seem to like it that way! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Twofer! Hugs, Anita :)

  15. Oh Marcia, where do I start? First off I am so grateful to hear the news of your husband's cyst not looking cancerous. I will definitely keep praying for all three of you! Addy and her toad - lol! How is it that she looks so grown up?! Now, for these bee cards... You have my jaw dropped to the floor! I love the amazing design that your circle of bees created and you finished it off with the perfect center. How elegant is your bee Christmas card, and you are right, what better place than Twofer to create the "unconventional". We've been away camping so I'm just now getting a little caught up. Thanks for joining in the fun with us at the Twofer Card Challenge!


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